Yodifarm is a division of Yodifee. It aims to contributes to promoting livelihood opportunities for young people with disabilities to be independence in term of self-sufficiency. These are in the Battambang and Kampot districts. Through these projects, youth with disabilities learn the skills necessary to become farmers, with many of them encouraged to establish their own farms in other areas after their training, and become self-sufficient.

Kampot Yodifarm

Raising piglets at Yodifarm in Kampot, CambodiaKampot Yodifarm was established in 2007.  We have been continuing the project so far to support our target groups’ needs respectively. Our planned significant outputs have been done such as constructions of the staff houses, a pigpen; chicken pens, a fish tank, vegetable garden etc.

The project has been currently looked after by three of our staff members, who has been ensuring that progress is being made and the necessary work is being done.
We are satisfied with our progress and the basic systems have been in place.

Day Care & Medical Centre

Daycare Centre Yodifee, CambodiaWe have opened a day-care /medical centre for disadvantaged people operating form our Kampot Yodifarm.

A daycare classroom was set up and operational for mentally handicapped children, in collaboration with Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF).

Two staff members were recruited to work at the daycare classroom (operated by KPF).

The clinic room was set up to provide counseling and treatment for the children and the poor in the vicinity.

English classes

Two English classes for local children are conducted each day. Approximately 60 children attend the classes each day. English textbooks and some stationery were given to the children.

Battambang Yodifarm

The Battambang Yodifarm is currently self-sufficient. We were planning to train two more people during 2009, and if possible help them establish their own farm after they finish training.

In the actual activities there were two members of staff work at the Battambang Yodifarm. There were a farm manager, a vet / animal caregiver. They together worked very hard to run the whole farm successfully in year 2009.

Yodifarms, CambodiaThere were 40 pigs were sold to the market.

The income received from the sales was revolved to support the running cost of the farm on the monthly wage for the responsible staffs and animal food, and animal medication.

There were 30 piglets born in October 2009 unfortunately there were 19 of them were dead after born because of the sickness.

We were planning to train two more people during 2009, and if possible help them establish their own farm after they finish training. Actually we only trained one trainee on animal raising at Battambang Yodifram. He has still being trained as well as working for the Farm as the animal caregiver with monthly wage support.

The trainees who were interested in training on animal raising were from the different provinces, most of them were from the province where are farther from Battambang province but closer to Kampot Yodifarm. So they have decided to be trained at Kampot Yodifram instead of going to be trained at the Battambang Yodifram.

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