Girls studying in the library at Villa Maria YodifeeYodifee provides schooling assistance to over 400 disabled students in rural areas throughout Cambodia.

This is done through funds received by The Stichting Liliane Fonds, a Dutch organisation, and Misereor, Germany.

Through this help, these students attend primary school, junior high school, and high school. They are provided with money to pay for tuition costs, transport to and from school, and food and living expenses.

YODIFEE is responsible visiting each student on a three monthly basis so as to:

  • monitor their scholastic progress and check their record of school attendance,
  • evaluate to what extent the family situation is supportive to the child, through a home visitation,
  • evaluate and adjust if necessary any funding assistance required, e.g. changes in transport costs, extra tuition costs, the living situation, any rehabilitation services being utilized etc.

Through the support of Misereor, Germany, Yodifee is proud to fund a number of youths with physical disabilities through their University courses here in Cambodia.

We are very proud of these Misereor Scholars who all commit to doing some sort of volunteer work with us or with LaValla School after finishing their respective courses.

Through Yodifee's schooling assistance program, many disabled=

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