Our Goals

In 2002 Yodifee (Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment) grew out of Australian Marist Brothers / LaValla School project.

Yodfifee Activities at Villa MariaYodifee has experienced that people with disabilities have huge obstacles to overcome, and discrimination against people with disabilities in Cambodia is rife, and this leads to their social exclusion. The exclusion of children and youth with disabilities from education, results in their forfeiting opportunities for further development, decreasing their access to vocational training, employment and income generation. Failure to benefit from education and training prevents the full inclusion of disabled children and youth into society, and ultimately increases their vulnerability to poverty.

End to Begging Culture

At Yodifee, we believe in fighting these attitudes. We are determined to end the culture of begging and dependency that is so widespread amongst the disabled community in Cambodia. We are working hard not only to help young people access to educational experiences, as well as vocational training, but also to ensure employment opportunities for these people after they
have completed their schooling and/or training.


Girls studying at the library in Villa MariaWherever possible every young person with physical disabilities can access education at secondary and tertiary level and employment: either self-employment or self- sufficient in order to change a culture of begging dependency and social exclusion.


To assist and support young people with physical disabilities to gain access to education at secondary school level and if appropriate tertiary level or access skills training leading to an income earning capacity to ensure self sufficiency.


Trainees at Yodifee, CambodiaYodifee aims to help disadvantaged young people with physical disabilities gain access to secondary and tertiary education, professional skills, computer skills, and farming skills that will equip them with the abilities and experience they need to become employable or self-employed, and in time selfsufficient. Further, it aims to ensure that young people with physical disabilities can confidently assume a place in society, fully aware of their rights and ready to contribute to the best of their abilities.

We believe that these young people have great potential.

Our aim is to support and develop their skills in order to equip and prepare them for their future employment.

Thanks as always to our donors and supporters that Yodifee continues to aim reaching our goal where new most neglect people receive our support so that they gain access to education and employment. Yodifee remains our trustworthy value, care and development for the target group.


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