Villa Maria

Villa Maria Boarding House

Villa Maria is a home for physically disabled young people, in Takhmao, about 14 km from Phnom Penh.

We look after the children who are from poor or broken families, who have been abandoned, are orphans, or whose families live far away from any schools.

We provide accommodation, meals, transport to and from school, school uniforms and equipment, as well as love and care.


Learning valuable skills for a better future

We believe that Cambodian youth with disabilities can work their way into a better economic situation.

Yodifee provides youth with disabilities the opportunity to gain vocational training and work experience. Many times this is done through service providers such as The Jesuit Training Centre in Kandal.

Yodifee offers training in: electronic repair, farming, hairdressing, hospitality, motorbike repair, retail, sewing and wood sculpting.


Young handicapped Cambodians going to school

Yodifee provides schooling assistance to over 400 disabled students in rural areas throughout Cambodia.

This is done through funds received by The Stichting Liliane Fonds, a Dutch organisation, and Misereor, Germany.

These students attend primary school, junior high school, and high school. They are provided with money to pay for tuition costs, transport to and from school, and food and living expenses.


Raising piglets at Yodifarms, Cambodia

Yodifarm is a division of Yodifee. It aims to contributes to promoting livelihood opportunities for young people with disabilities.

These farms are in the Battambang and Kampot districts.

Through these projects, youth with disabilities learn the skills necessary to become farmers, with many of them encouraged to establish their own farms in other areas after their training.

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Yodifee Head Office

Villa Maria
Phum Prek Reang
Khum Kompong Samnanh
Takhmao. Kandal
Phone: (+855) 12 324 548

Yodicraft Shop

#172, Street 13
Phnom Penh